Personalized Healthcare Planning is a series of professionally guided conversations where you and your loved ones receive education about your care and explore and document your goals for the future.

When faced with serious illness, Personalized Healthcare Planning is proven to help

With Iris Plans, all of this can be done without ever leaving your home and during a time that fits your family schedule

Our Services

With our comprehensive 4-step process, we provide everything you need to create your comprehensive, Personalized Healthcare Plan. Living better during serious illness is within your reach. It requires planning. Invest in the future for you and your loved ones.


  • Personalized family/group discussions led by a healthcare professional skilled in Personalized Healthcare Planning

  • Video conference platform allows everyone to join from the comfort and privacy of their home or wherever is most convenient (full technical assistance provided)

  • We work around your schedule with flexible hours including nights and weekends.

  • Determine your goals and preferences for healthcare


  • Gain a deeper understanding of what is happening with your medical condition(s) and its impact on both your body and life

  • Learn how your medical situation can change with time

  • You, and anyone you would like included in the sessions, have the opportunity to ask question and explore concerns about your health

  • Learn to communicate with your doctor and care team in an easier, more effective way

  • Understand how aligned your goals and care preferences are with your personalized Iris Score


  • Create or update a complete set of medical documents customized to your personal goals and preferences, including all official legal forms such as living wills, advance directives, medical power of attorney (MPOA) and others as required in your state.

  • Personal Healthcare Plan Created: Comprehensive, personalized, disease-specific directives which complement and extend your state’s standard medical documents

  • If desired, we can help you create a draft physician order to have signed and executed by your doctor

  • We assist you in drafting, finalizing, signing and even filing all documents per your state’s requirements


  • Tell us who you want to receive your medical documents, we’ll handle the rest:

    • We embed your Iris Plans documents in your medical records at the hospital, doctors office and/or other healthcare providers

    • We distribute electronic copies to anyone you choose, including loved ones and family attorneys.

  • We store your Personalized Healthcare documents for future reference and/or updating at your request

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