Just like planning for retirement, children's education, or a vacation... 

Why wouldn't you plan for future healthcare decisions?

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Healthcare planning keeps you in control of your healthcare, resulting in better care, higher quality of life, and protection from conflict and stress for family members and caregivers.

Iris Plans offers discussions with a facilitator in your home, through video conferencing. We help you create a plan that guides important, complex decisions. We securely distribute your plan and official documents to anyone who needs it, including loved ones and your doctors.

Conversation and Education

Facilitators will guide you and your loved ones.

Discover typical experiences for people with your conditions, and how to improve your experience.

Better understand how the healthcare system works, and critical questions to ask your doctor.

You and Your Family Make Decisions

Facilitators help you set goals for living well.

Think through decisions about scenarios you are likely to be faced with in the future.

We document your detailed advance directives.


Your Documents Where You Need It

We send your healthcare plan to your doctors and hospital to guide future care. 

Your family, friends, and anyone you designate can receive your documented healthcare choices. 

Access your documents instantly from your computer or smartphone.