Her Story - She Never Saw Her Care As A Choice

At Iris Plans, we are working with a 76-year-old female who is living in a skilled nursing facility because she is unable to care for herself because of chronic lung disease as well as physical challenges from a distant motor vehicle accident that caused her to be reliant on a wheelchair.

At one point in her care, she was hospitalized for worsening lung disease. She has excellent, long-term relationships with her primary care doctor and lung doctor. Her daughter is a social worker for a hospice. Despite these relationships and resources she had never undergone advance care planning (ACP). Her primary care physician asked that she consider doing so.

The Support You Need To Get The Care You Want

The patient has made her daughter her medical power of attorney years ago. The daughter assumed that her Mom wanted anything the doctors offered because with over 10 years of living in a facility she never declined or questioned doctors’ suggestions before. The patient expressed that while she is well cared for she never saw her care as a “choice” but rather something she had to do because she was told to do it. The patient also expressed a lack of understanding about how her chronic lung disease would evolve and the complications she might face in the future.

A Stronger Voice In Her Own Care

Our facilitator educated the patient on common complications of chronic lung disease and what most people can expect to happen as the illness progresses. These insights were greatly appreciated by the patient and daughter, as it gave them a new perspective on making future medical decisions.

With Iris’ help the patient was able to get comfortable having a stronger voice in making decisions.

The solutions we provided:

  • Helped define what constitutes continued quality of life for the patient
  • Formed a plan for limited hospitalization with guardrails set up on when being in the hospital would not be valuable to the patient
  • Declined future surgeries, invasive procedures, or any other medical interventions else that might remove her from her residence
  • Laid out patient preferences for various clinical scenarios including a DNR and an understanding to avoid artificial nutrition
  • Completed Utah Medical Power of Attorney form
  • Completed Utah Directive to Physician form
  • Completed Iris Plans’ Disease Specific Advance Directive
  • Disseminated the healthcare planning documents to the patient, family members, primary care provider, lung doctor, skilled nursing facility and hospital.



Our specially-trained healthcare professionals meet with you and your loved ones through convenient video conferencing to walk through our simple 3-step process:

Who needs healthcare planning?

Any patient or caregiver dealing with serious medical conditions. 

Examples include cancer, heart or lung disease, kidney failure, cirrhosis, dementia, stroke, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s and other chronic conditions that need regular medical attention.


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