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For Providers

Benefits for Physicians and
Care Teams:


  • Enhance Care Delivery 

Find more time to focus on care needs while we support you with Advance Care Planning conversations and Advance Directives completion.

  • Improve Communication  

Stay informed throughout the process as we distribute care summaries and documents to all points of care.

  •  Resolve Conflict

Know what to expect after we work with families to remove barriers and gain consensus.

Why Iris?

We Have a High Quality, Standardized Approach 

Specially-trained Facilitators

Healthcare experts 

complete comprehensive
ACP training

Structured Conversations

Proprietary software allows for personalized discussions while covering all key ACP topics 

Recorded Interactions

All conversations are recorded & accessible on secure portal

Follow Up

We'll check in with individuals to ensure their documents reflect their evolving health situation  

What Iris Plans Does:

  • Supports physicians to provide the most complete care possible 

  • Resolves family conflict or care disagreements ​

  • Defers all specific treatment detail and patient questions to providers

  • Distributes Advance Care Planning documents for provider input and/or signature where appropriate

What Iris Plans

Does Not Do:

  • Provide medical or nursing care

  • Suggest or advise individuals or families on care choices

  • Submit CPT codes or invoice the individual

“It works great. We just hand Iris Plans a list of patients and they take care of everything. I definitely recommend their service.”

— Dr. David Krasner | Family Practice Associates Wilmington, DE