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Stay in control of your, or your loved one’s, healthcare by developing a deep understanding of breast cancer, its complications, and how it changes your life and body over time. Examples include:

  • Impact on other vital organs such as your muscles or skin
  • Implications of behavior or personality changes, maintaining or gaining weight, and other targeted treatments

Create personalized goals and care plans that allow patients to live better and longer, after learning the answers to important questions such as:

  • What will my life, or that of my loved one, be like in the months or years ahead?
  • What types of things should we watch for and bring to the attention of the medical team?
  • If dementia is advanced enough that the patient has trouble making choices, how are medical decisions made?

Reduce stress for all by ensuring that everyone understands and supports a care plan is fully customized to your family’s unique goals and preferences:

  • Our video conference platform makes it easy for anyone you invite to join the discussion, learn about your unique goals and preferences and understand your plan
  • All have easy access to the healthcare plan documents, making it easier to ensure wishes are followed whether care is delivered in the home, doctor’s office, or hospital

The benefits of healthcare planning for dementia are significant, including living better & longer, staying in control, and less physical and emotional distress for the loved ones or caregivers. Studies have shown that these benefits increase when healthcare planning is done earlier. Start living better today by taking the first steps with Iris Plans.